On these pages you can find information about current and upcoming events, resume, pictures and showreel of singer & actor Andreas Bongard (Hamburg). Enjoy!

Latest news

Current Performances - 2016-11-16

Andreas is currently performing in the new Stephen Schwartz musical SCHIKANEDER at the Raimund Theater, Vienna. He is playing the roles of Johann Friedl (u/s) and Benedikt Schack (u/s).
Besides that he is playing Tony in WEST SIDE STORY at Theater St. Gallen, Switzerland.

His upcoming performances are so far:

Sunday, 11/06/16 (4:30 pm) - Johann Friedel (Premiere)
Saturday, 11/12/16 (7:30 pm) - Johann Friedel 
Sonntag, 11/13/16 (4:30 pm) - Johann Friedel 
In all other performances he can be seen in the Ensemble as Johann Nousseul.
This is subject to change. 
Tickets unter www.musicalvienna.at 

TH, 11/24/16 (7:30 pm) 
SA, 11/26/16 (7:30 pm) 
SA, 12/17/16 (7:30 pm) 
WE, 12/28/16 (7:30 pm)
TH, 01/26/17 (7:30 pm) 
SA, 01/28/17 (7:30 pm) 
SA, 02/04/17 (7:30 pm) 
MO, 02/20/17 (7:30 pm)
FR, 03/24/17 (7:30 pm) 
TH, 04/27/17 (7:30 pm)
TH, 05/25/17 (7:30 pm) - Derniere
Andreas is not performing on 05/15/17! 
Tickets:  http://www.theatersg.ch


Schikaneder - 2016-05-18

Andreas is thrilled to announce he is going to Vienna to be in the world premiere of the new Stephen Schwartz Musical SCHIKANEDER, directed by Sir Trevor Nunn.
Andreas will be playing the roles of Johann Friedel (u/s) and Benedikt Schack (u/s), who was the first person to play Tamino in the opera 'The Magic Flute' by Mozart.

The show opens end of September 2016 at the Raimund Theater, Vienna.

Besides that, Andreas will still be starring as Tony in WEST SIDE STORY at Theater St. Gallen, Switzerland.  

HAIR - 2016-03-16

Next Summer Andreas is going to play the role of WOOF in the open-air production of the Rock Musical HAIR at Theater Magdeburg, Germany. Opening night is June 17.
Besides that he´s still going to play Tony in West Side Story at Theater Saint Gallen, Switzerland. 

Musical Director: Damian Omansen
Director: Erik Petersen
Choreographer: Kati Farkas

Here are the performance-dates: 

June: 17.,19.,22.,23.,24.,25.,26.,29.,30.
July: 1.,2.,3.,6.,7.,8.,9.,10. 
All shows start at 9pm.
Andreas is NOT going to play the show on June 18. 

More info and tickets you can find here.

West Side Story - 2015-12-12

Andreas is currently starring as TONY in WEST SIDE STORY at Theater St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Directed and Choreographed by Melissa King
Musical Direction: Otto Tausk

Here are the perfomance-dates:

December: 12., 19., 21., 30.

January: 03. (2:30 pm and 7.30 pm), 15., 16., 22., 23.
February: 02., 12., 13.
March: 01., 05., 11., 15., 17.
April: 16., 17. (2.30 pm and 7.30 pm), 23. 
May: 03., 06., 19., 28., 29.
June: 01. 

For more info and tickets click here.

24 Stunden Musicals - 2015-09-17

16 actors and 4 creative teams create 4 new musicals in 24 hours...
Andreas is excited to being part of this years' 24 STUNDEN MUSICALS - the German equivalent to THE 24 HOURS PLAYS.

For more info and tickets for the only performance on October 26 in Ahrensburg, close to Hamburg, click here